Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2016

J.N.A.V. Hasmonaea, Czernowitz in 1935

Gruppe Hasmonea1935


Courtesy: Hedwig Brenner

I found in my photo/archive a picture of an "Davidea, and Hasmonea " party in Czernowitz from year 1935. May be some list members will findtheir grandmothers or grandfathers on the first row, sitting I from left is Burschi Abeles, he died 2 years ago in Duesseldorf, the other 2, O do not remember..row 2: Lotte Hirsch/Gottfrie, mother of Marianne, may be Drimmer and Langhaus/Brenner. , Erna Grauthammer/Fluessig,Tussia Baltinester,Herbert Gabor, the dancing teacher,Ms. Boris, , Lulu Hornsteinn, Kaethe Krauthammer/Zallik, my classmate for 8 years, , living in T.A. and many others, ASidi Kassner, Hanny Beiser, Resi Gottesmann , Ferry Kardos, Jili Tsimand, and the young Paul Celan, a small boy in the 4.row, the only boy with a "Schlips"
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Samstag, 16. Januar 2016

"Beit Kadishin" Building at the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery



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Donnerstag, 14. Januar 2016

Souvenirs from Iași

Romulus Balazs: A documentary that explores the story of Iasi pogrom through the traces remaining today in Romania. We still need your help to finish the editing ! Click on this link to know more about the film and to help bring this film to life:

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